Monday, December 31, 2012

Random Things God has Blessed Me With in 2012

Every New Year's Eve, our family has a tradition of gathering together in the living room to share the things we are thankful to God for this past year. I've decided to blog about a few of them today.

1. Good health. Although I'm not generally prone to sickness (especially during college), I started getting sick more often when I had a full-time job. I never had illnesses that required bed rest, however. It was more of the "colds-and-cough-feat-sore-throat" combo. But this year, I rejoice because I don't remember getting sick more than twice this year.

2. Hong Kong trip with the Hoppeh Opes. Last February, six of us from our office went to Hong Kong for a much-needed break. Five months prior to the trip, we took advantage of a CebuPac seat sale and bagged roundtrip tickets to HK for a little less than P3000 per person. We spent four days and three cold nights there, including a whole day allotted just for Disneyland.

On a similar note, this year also marked the first time I went to Hong Kong with my family! I've been to several countries in two continents with them, but despite Hong Kong being only two hours away, we've never had a family trip there. What made the trip more special was we were able to take our niece Erin to Disneyland for the first time. Also, I loved their new ride!

3. Mediterranean cruise with family. This one tops almost everything else on my list! Ever since our Alaskan cruise five years ago, our whole family has been dreaming about going on a Mediterranean cruise together. My parents are cruise veterans, and since going on their first cruise together, they had slowly but surely planned a family vacation for us. You can read all about our adventures here. Make sure to check out my sister's other posts about it!

The Colosseum, Roma
4. Brownies! I have a nasty burn mark on my left arm to show for my baking efforts, but I'm still grateful for the busyness that my brownies gave me this December. It also doesn't hurt that a lot of people liked them!

5. Victory group. My family and I have been attending Victory Christian Fellowship for years now, but it was only early this year that I finally contacted the Quezon City branch of VCF to inquire about Victory groups in the Katipunan area. Victory groups are like spiritual families whom you meet at least once a week to help in your spiritual growth. This year, I was blessed to have met several new people that have helped me in my walk with God. From the very beginning, I felt comfortable with my VG-mates--our leader Kish, Marielle, Kacie, Nami, Pau, Jacq, and Abby, as well as the bigger "VG family circle." I even learned what my spiritual gifts were, and how to harness their full potential.
6. The Kaipod blog! Three months after my first post and I'm still blogging! My December posts are way below my target, but what's important is I still haven't abandoned this blog. That's a huge deal for me, having had three or four other blogs in the past, each with less than five entries, I think.

Most of all though, I thank God for the gift of family and friends. Having the love of supportive people around you really makes the year all the more special. Thank you to everyone who made an impact on me, big or small; all the new people I met this year and everyone who made my year worth celebrating.

If my 2012 is this good, I can't wait for 2013! So excited to list down my faith goals for next year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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